AAIB investigation to Steen Skybolt, G-NMUS

Aircraft stalled and spun into trees during forced landing, near Taldrwst Bach, Amlwch, Anglesey, 11 March 2018.


During the pilot’s third flight in the aircraft that day, cruising at about 1,500 ft agl over a wind farm, the engine shuddered and the propeller stopped turning. The pilot, who was very familiar with the area and knew which fields were most suitable for a forced landing, chose one he had just passed on his right. During the turn the pilot was mindful of the bank angle which he kept to about 15°, and airspeed which he noted was about 100 mph and well in excess of the straight and level stall speed of 56 mph. However, at about 400 ft agl above a wooded area, the aircraft stalled and dropped the right wing. It spun, nose-down, through about 270° into the trees near the edge of the wooded area. Both of the aircraft’s g-meters recorded a peak deceleration of -10g. The pilot, who was wearing a full harness and helmet, was uninjured and exited the open cockpit unaided.

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Steen Skybolt, G-NMUS 09-18

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Published 13 September 2018