AAIB investigation to Europa, G-RICS

Loss of control during go-around, Baynards Farm, Ellens Green, Surrey, 20 April 2018.


The accident occurred on landing after a brief flight in the local area; the weather was benign. The pilot flew a stable approach with full flaps into a slight headwind. However, at touchdown, the aircraft bounced about three feet and he elected to go around.

He set full power with the propeller in full fine pitch, but then lost directional control; the nose yawed to the left and the left wing dropped. He noted that the loss of directional control seemed rapid at the low speed being flown. The nose and left wingtip struck the grass 10 m from the edge of the runway and the aircraft slid a further 10 m off the side of the grass strip. The pilot suffered only minor injuries but the aircraft was severely damaged.

The pilot, who had landed many times at this airstrip, thought that his limited flying in the previous four months could have been a factor. He also commented that pilots of “aircraft that have ‘springy’ undercarriages would benefit from occasional touch-and-go practice at a suitable airfield”.

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Published 9 August 2018