AAIB investigation to Creasey RJ Easy Raider J2.2(2), G-CBKF

Collision with terrain following the inadvertent application of pitch trim, Coombs Farm, Goodleigh, Devon, 8 April 2018.


The pilot was returning to a private field and selected a short level area, located at the top of a 20° upslope and orientated into the wind, on which to land. On approach, he select-ed the first stage of flap, as he intended to fly parallel with the upslope, and returned his left hand to the throttle. However, when the pilot reduced power just prior to landing, he realised that he had in fact been holding the pitch trim control, which was identical in shape and size to the throttle but positioned just inboard.

Having passed over his landing area, he flew a go-around, but the aircraft stalled when trying to clear a row of trees situated at the edge of the field and fell vertically into the wooded area. The pilot, who was wearing a full harness, sustained no injury and turned off the fuel, ignition and electrical systems before exiting the aircraft.

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Creasey RJ Easy Raider J2.2(2), G-CBKF 09-18

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Published 13 September 2018