AAIB investigation to P&M Aviation Quik GT450, G-CEZX

Stalled on takeoff in turbulent conditions, Abergavenny Airfield, Monmouthshire, 2 June 2018.


The aircraft was taking off from Abergavenny and had climbed to approximately 40 to 50 ft agl when it encountered significant turbulence. This caused the aircraft to weathercock, roll to the right and descend, all of which the pilot was unable to counteract. The aircraft landed heavily and as the mainwheels contacted the ground, the right wing tip struck some shrubs near the side of the runway and spun the aircraft through 180°. Although the aircraft remained upright, and there were no injuries to the pilot or passenger, substantial damage was caused to the wing, propeller, landing gear and fairings. The pilot considered the cause was likely to have been a low-speed wing stall, compounded by the variability of the wind and the effect of the tree line alongside the runway.

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P&M Aviation Quik GT450, G-CEZX 08-18

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Published 9 August 2018