AAIB investigation to Thruster T600T 450 JAB, G-BZTD

Bounced on landing and crashed into trees adjacent to the runway, Membury Airfield, Berkshire, 22 September 2017.


The pilot, who was quite new to the aircraft type, had expected to fly with an instructor on arrival at the airfield. This was not the case and he instead embarked on a solo flight.

After completing one circuit, he had to abandon his first approach because of an aircraft near the edge of the runway and went around. On the second attempt he bounced on landing, so he applied full power to go around again. The aircraft then veered to the left, before departing the runway and colliding with trees. The pilot was uninjured and vacated the aircraft using the door.

A witness to the accident described the aircraft as ground looping. The pilot suggested that the accident might not have occurred if he had spent more time in the aircraft with an instructor.

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Thruster T600T 450 JAB, G-BZTD 04-18

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Published 12 April 2018