AAIB investigation to Jodel D120 Paris-Nice, G-DIZO 2 June 2018

Ground loop during landing roll, Dunkeswell Aerodrome, Devon, 2 June 2018.


G-DIZO was flying from a farm strip near Southampton, where it was based, to Dunkeswell airfield for an LAA ‘fly-in’ event. After an uneventful flight the aircraft made an approach to Runway 22. Weather conditions were good with a light headwind. The aircraft made a three-point landing, touching down at approximately 40 kt. On the roll-out the aircraft started to drift to the right of the centreline and the pilot tried to correct with left and then right rudder, but the aircraft continued to the right turning through 180 degrees. The left landing gear collapsed and the aircraft came to rest with the left wingtip on the grass.

The pilot believed he initially corrected with left rudder but then countered this with too much right rudder, and was not quick enough with his feet to keep the aircraft straight. He reflected that the accident was caused by relaxing too soon after the initial landing and being out of flying practice, having not flown much during the winter.

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Jodel D120 Paris-Nice, G-DIZO 11-18

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Published 8 November 2018