AAIB investigation to Cessna 152, G-WACG and Guimbal Cabri G2, G-JAMM

Mid-air collision, Near Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, 17 November 2017.


The Cessna 152 and the Cabri G2 helicopter collided in mid-air when both were engaged on training flights. They were operating in Class G airspace and neither aircraft was receiving an ATC service. The opportunity for the occupants of either aircraft to see the other was limited because, although they were in proximity for some time, they were both following a similar track and were not in each other’s field of view.

Work is ongoing, led by the CAA, to promote the development and use of compatible Electronic Conspicuity (EC) aids to help mitigate the well-known limitations of ‘see and avoid’.

The flying club which operated G-WACG has issued an Instructor Notice to highlight the importance of maintaining an effective lookout throughout flight, and the need to carry out a regular change of heading during a prolonged descent, to check that the area ahead is clear.

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Cessna 152, G-WACG and Guimbal Cabri G2, G-JAMM 11-18

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Published 8 November 2018