AAIB investigation to Jabiru Ul-450, G-JUDD

Nose leg failure after bounced landing, Clench Common Airfield, Wiltshire, 16 July 2018.


The aircraft was being flown by a student on conversion training with an experienced instructor. The student had completed several landings during the flight and was making a further approach on Runway 26 with a light wind down the runway. As the aircraft touched down it bounced, and the instructor told the student to maintain the attitude and allow the aircraft to touch down again. Despite attempting to maintain the attitude, on the second touchdown the aircraft landed flat on all three undercarriage legs and the nose leg failed. The aircraft lower cowls, firewall and nose leg were damaged.

The instructor commented that in hindsight he felt should have taken control and gone around from the bounce.

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Jabiru Ul-450, G-JUDD 11-18

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Published 8 November 2018