AAIB investigation to EV-97 Teameurostar UK, G-CEZF

Nose landing gear collapsed during landing roll, Strathaven Airfield, South Lanarkshire, 1 July 2018.


The pilot reported that he had made a straight in approach to Runway 09 and the aircraft’s airspeed and touchdown point were appropriate. When the aircraft was approximately 150 m into the landing roll, it encountered a series of ridges in the runway surface which set up a bouncing motion that the pilot was unable control. The nose landing gear then collapsed and the propeller struck the ground.

The pilot suggested that “landings must be very precise in speed and touchdown to negate the ridges on [the] runway.”

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EV-97 Teameurostar UK, G-CEZF 11-18

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Published 8 November 2018