AAIB investigation to Ikarus C42 FB80, G-HEVR

Loss of control during landing, Lydd Airport, Kent, 12 June 2018.


The instructor reported that he carried out a dual training flight from Deanland to Lydd. The wind was almost directly down Runway 03 at Lydd. The student performed two good landings, one flapless and one with full flap, before being sent solo. This was the fourth occasion he had performed solo circuits.

The student completed two circuits uneventfully. On the third landing, the instructor observed the aircraft swinging sharply to the left and tipping up. The student stated that he had made power-off approaches and full-flap landings to simulate an engine failure situation. In his opinion, the approach and final landing went well, but unfortunately, as he attempted to retract the flaps from full to the takeoff setting, he believed he became slightly confused/disorientated and operated the wrong rudder pedal.

The C42 has a centrally-mounted stick, being effectively a right-hand sidestick for the left seat pilot. The flap control is also mounted centrally, just behind the top of the windscreen and utilises a latching arrangement, requiring careful manipulation to ensure the desired setting is achieved. Flap operation thus requires reaching across to the flap control with one hand whilst keeping the other on the stick.

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Ikarus C42 FB80, G-HEVR 10-18

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Published 11 October 2018