AAIB investigation to Ikarus C42 FB80, G-CDYO

Hard landing, Membury Airfield, Berkshire, 10 June 2018.


The pilot was returning from a local flight to land on Runway 05 at Membury Airfield. The weather was CAVOK, wind northerly at 5 kt and temperature 25°C. The pilot reported that he was slightly higher and faster than normal on approach. Another aircraft was waiting to depart at the holding point so the pilot of G-CDYO planned to land half way down the runway to allow plenty of space between the two aircraft. On landing, G-CDYO bounced twice and on the third touchdown the nosewheel collapsed and the propeller struck the runway. The aircraft came to a halt on the left-hand edge of the runway.

After the accident the pilot reflected that he should have gone around when he realised he was high and fast on the approach and was not going to land at the start of the runway or after the first or second touchdown.

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Ikarus C42 FB80, G-CDYO 11-18

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Published 8 November 2018