Your property boundaries

4. Correct a boundary mistake on a title plan

If you think there’s a boundary mistake on your property’s title plan, you can apply to get it updated.

Fill in an application to change the register (AP1).

In section 4 under ‘Applications in priority order’, write: “Alteration of title plan”. Under ‘Fees paid (£)’ write “£40”.

You don’t need to fill in sections 9 to 14.

Send HM Land Registry:

  • the completed AP1 form
  • a cheque or postal order for £40, payable to ‘HMLR’ or ‘HM Land Registry’
  • a letter explaining why you think the title plan is wrong
  • any other supporting evidence

HM Land Registry Citizen Centre
PO Box 74
GL14 9BB

After you apply

HMLR may ask to inspect the land before making a decision on your application.

Your neighbour can object to your application. If you and your neighbour can’t agree who the land should be registered to, HMLR may refer the case to a tribunal.

You may need to pay for legal advice and advice from a surveyor if this happens.

The tribunal will either:

  • hold a hearing
  • ask one of you to take the case to court