SIN Chile uses science and innovation to support prosperity and growth in the UK and Chile, sharing best practice on science policy with Chilean stakeholders.

The Science and Innovation Network (SIN) has over 100 officers in over 40 countries and territories around the world building partnerships and collaboration on science and innovation.

We engage with the local science and innovation community in support of UK policy overseas. We aim to create strategic relationships to harness the value of science and innovation, leading to mutual benefits for the UK and Chile.

For a summary covering Chile’s Science and Innovation landscape, please read the UK Science and Innovation Network Country Snapshot.

The Science and Innovation Network in Chile is part of the SIN Latin America regional hub (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia).

Our Services

Science and Innovation Network

SIN Chile works to share best practice on policies in science and innovation from the UK with Chile’s government Ministries, universities and research funding institutions. In addition, we provide strategic information on science, technology, research and innovation to UK stakeholders and engage in world class science events in Chile.

We foster high level collaborations and strengthen relations between both countries’ academic communities. Our strategic priorities include promoting partnerships in global health and life sciences, climate change and clean energy, oceans, space and polar research.

Legacy Newton Fund

From 2014 to 2017 (until Chile’s graduation from the DAC-list of developing countries), the Newton-Picarte Fund funded joint UK-Chile initiatives to grow joint research and innovation. The primary focus was on projects in the sectors of energy; water and minerals; oceans; Antarctic research; urbanisation; health; economic development and social welfare; and environment, climate variability and change.

Many strong UK-Chile research and innovation partnerships remain in place due to this collaboration. For more information please contact the Head of Science and Innovation.


Daniela Sandoval

Head of Science and Innovation.

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