Tax credit payments are made every week or every 4 weeks.

You choose if you want to get paid weekly or every 4 weeks on your claim form.

Find out when your tax credits payment is and how much you’ll get paid.

New claims

It can take up to 5 weeks to process a new claim. You’ll be sent an award notice by post giving you the date of your first payment.

Bank holiday payment dates

If it’s a bank holiday anywhere in the UK your payment may be early.

Due date Payment date
17 March 16 March - Northern Ireland only
25 March 24 March
28 March 24 March
2 May 29 April
30 May 27 May
12 July 11 July - Northern Ireland only
1 August 29 July - Scotland only
29 August 26 August
26 December 23 December
27 December 23 December
28 December 23 December - Northern Ireland only
2 January 30 December
3 January 30 December - Scotland only

If your payment is late, check the payment date on your award notice and contact your bank before calling the Tax Credit Helpline.

Local holidays in Scotland

Your payment might be delayed because of local holidays if you live in the following places:

  • Glasgow and Aberdeen - local holiday on 26 September
  • Edinburgh - local holiday on 19 September
  • Dundee - local holiday on 3 October

Contact your bank for more information.