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Voluntary-aided schools: capital funding

Information for voluntary-aided schools about capital funding, including relevant forms.

Voluntary-aided schools

Voluntary-aided (VA) schools are maintained schools and often, but not always, have a religious character. These schools are eligible for capital funding by grant from the department.

VA schools are paid on a similar basis to other categories of school, but the governing body must usually pay at least 10% of the costs of capital work.

Responsibility for work to VA school premises is shared between the school’s governing body and the local authority (LA). The LA has responsibility for the playing fields and the governing body are liable for all other capital expenditure.

Voluntary-aided schools information system: apply for a password

The voluntary-aided schools information system (VASIS) is a password-controlled site for VA schools, LAs and dioceses to access information about projects, claims and allocations.

To apply for a password, contact Education Funding Agency (EFA) using the contact details at the end of this guidance.

Download forms

There are various forms related to capital expenditure at voluntary-aided schools. For individual forms and a brief description please see the table below.

| Form description | Form title | | Application for approval of new capital works project | Voluntary-aided school building projects: application for approval (MS Word Document, 99.7KB) | | Application for additional costs for extra capital works above the original approval amount | Additional cost approval form (MS Word Document, 207KB) | | Tender report certificate to submit tenders once approval to proceed to tender (APT) stage has been approved | Tender report certificate (MS Word Document, 223KB) | | Approval to proceed to tender claim form if the project has been approved using estimated costs | Pre-tender claim form (MS Word Document, 145KB) | | Tender approval stage claim form if the tenders have been submitted and approved | Interim tender claim form (MS Word Document, 157KB) | | Final costs claim form to complete the project once all invoices have been paid by the school or diocese | Final costs claim form (MS Word Document, 207KB) | | Changes to make to devolved formula nominated bank account | Bank mandate form (MS Word Document, 50.5KB) | | For approval of land or premises to be acquired for educational use by voluntary bodies | Site acquisition form (MS Word Document, 130KB) | | Private finance initiative unitary charge claims | Unitary PFI claim form (MS Word Document, 52.5KB) |

Contact EFA

For queries about capital funding for VA schools contact EFA at queries.va@education.gsi.gov.uk, or on:

  • 01325 340846
  • 01325 340680
  • 01325 340772
  • 01325 340450
  • 01325 340693