Vehicle recalls and faults

Report a serious safety defect

If you find a serious defect that affects the safety of your vehicle, one of its parts, or an accessory, report it to the manufacturer immediately.

Tell the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) if you’re not happy with how the manufacturer is dealing with your report.

DVSA will:

  • investigate the issue with the manufacturer
  • tell you what action is being taken

The vehicle, part or accessory can be recalled if it’s found to be a serious safety issue.

How to report a serious safety defect

What counts as a serious safety defect

A serious safety defect is something:

  • about the way the vehicle is designed or made that’s likely to cause injury or death
  • that happens suddenly and without warning

What does not count as a serious safety defect

Things are not classed as a serious safety defect if:

  • they can be found during routine maintenance and servicing
  • you’re warned about them by warning lights, noticeable changes in handling and unusual noises
  • they’re caused by you misusing the vehicle, for example overloading your vehicle causing a tyre failure