If you need to pay tax on your company car, you can use this service to:

  • check your company car’s details
  • tell HMRC about any changes to your car since 6 April
  • update your fuel benefit, if your employer pays for fuel

You’ll need:

  • the car’s list price (including VAT and accessories) - you can get this from the manufacturer or your employer
  • CO2 emissions information
  • your National Insurance number the first time you sign in

You can’t use this service if:

  • you were offered a ‘cash allowance’ instead of a car after 6 April 2017
  • you used either of the following after 6 April 2017: a flexible benefits package with a cash option, or a salary sacrifice arrangement
  • you’re part of a car averaging or car sharing scheme
  • your employer is managing benefits and expenses through the company payroll (known as ‘payrolling’)
  • you want to make updates for a company commercial vehicle, such as a van

Contact HMRC or your employer to update your details if you can’t do it online.

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Before you start

Government Gateway

If you use the green ‘Start now’ button you’ll need a Government Gateway account for HMRC online services - you can set one up from the sign-in page.

GOV.UK Verify

You can also sign in using GOV.UK Verify. If you haven’t used GOV.UK Verify before, it takes about 15 minutes to sign up. You’ll then be able to use it with other government services.

Personal tax account

Signing in to the company car tax service activates your personal tax account. You can use this to check your HMRC records and manage your other details.

Check your tax code

Updating your company car details may change your tax code. Check or update this using your personal tax account.