4. Make a claim on an estate

If you think you’re entitled to an estate in England and Wales (but not Cornwall or Lancashire):

  1. Find the estate

  2. On the results page, click on the person’s surname. This will open the claim form.

  3. Fill in your details and submit.

If you can’t find the estate

Email the Treasury Solicitor to see if they have dealt with the estate.

Treasury Solicitor’s Office bvinfo@tsol.gsi.gov.uk

In the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster, Scotland or Northern Ireland

Contact the relevant body representing the Crown.

Evidence you need

You’ll be asked to send a family tree showing your relationship and 2 pieces of identification:

  • 1 showing your name
  • 1 showing your name and address, dated within the last 3 months

You might also be asked to send birth, death or marriage certificates.