Going abroad

Your tax credits will stop if you expect to be away for one year or more.

You may still qualify for tax credits if you go abroad for a short period, for example on holiday or for medical treatment.

Reason for leaving How long you can get tax credits for
Medical treatment for yourself, your partner or your child Up to 12 weeks
Death of your partner, a child or close relative of either you or your partner Up to 12 weeks
Any other reason, for example holidays or business Up to 8 weeks

If your trip is going to last longer than 8 or 12 weeks, contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) within a month. Your tax credits will end unless:

  • you get UK benefits or State Pension and you live in another European country with a child
  • you work and pay National Insurance contributions in the UK, but your family lives in another European country