Tax credits if you leave or move to the UK

Cross-border workers

You may be able to get tax credits if you regularly travel from:

  • another country to work in the UK
  • the UK to work in another country

Working Tax Credit

You may be able to get Working Tax Credit if you live in:

  • an EEA country (including Switzerland) and work in the UK
  • the UK and work in an EEA country (including Switzerland)

Child Tax Credit

You and your partner - if you have one - may be able to get Child Tax Credit for your children if:

  • you work in the UK
  • you pay National Insurance as a worker here
  • your child lives in an EEA country or in Switzerland
  • your child is living with your partner or someone else and they depend on you to support them

You usually cannot claim for a child who lives outside the EEA or Switzerland. There’s an exception if your partner is a Crown servant posted abroad.

Childcare costs

You can usually claim help for your childcare costs through the childcare element of Working Tax Credit.

To qualify your children must either: