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If you’re a designer working in government or someone who works on government services, you can attend design training run by the Government Digital Service (GDS) at The White Chapel Building in London.

Who should take part

GDS design courses are aimed at designers who are new to government.

They’re also open to anyone who wants to understand more about the role of design in government, how to work with designers, what good design looks like and some of the practical skills involved in designing services.

What you’ll learn

During the training, you’ll be introduced to a range of topics and skills.

Talks will cover:

  • the role of design in government
  • designing in an agile team
  • case studies from designers on 2 services

The topics you’ll be introduced to include:

  • user research
  • service design
  • interaction design
  • graphic design
  • content design
  • accessibility

You’ll also learn about the benefits of:

  • prototyping
  • journey mapping
  • design critiques (or ‘crits’)

On the third day, you’ll learn how to use the GOV.UK prototype kit, which allows you to build prototypes in code that look like GOV.UK.

Before you attend

It’s helpful to come to the course with design questions and examples of work to discuss with other attendees.

You’ll also need to install the GOV.UK prototype kit before prototyping training on the third day.

How to book

Find out when design training is on the design notes blog.

Course announcements will include details about how to apply for a place.

Further reading

Read the GDS design notes blog to learn more about designing government services.

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Updated the address for GDS design training to The White Chapel Building.

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