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The user research community exists to:

  • develop user research knowledge and skills across government
  • discuss and challenge the way government carries out user research to improve services and content
  • bring together people with an interest in improving user research practices across government

Who the community is for

You might be interested in this community if you:

  • are involved in user research
  • want to learn about users of government services

You don’t have to be in a user research role.

Get involved


Use these online spaces to discuss user research issues:

If you can’t access these, please email for help.

Training and events

The community runs regular training sessions and events for colleagues across government, including:

As a civil servant, you can also book a place on user research fundamentals training through Civil Service Learning. This will give 5 days of practical user research experience.

Community resources

Use these resources to learn more about user research in government:

Use these for hiring user researchers:

User research in the Service Manual

The Service Manual guides to user research show what we currently believe to be best practice for government services. They cover:

  • understanding user research
  • user research in the different design phases
  • preparing for user research
  • user research methods
  • analysing and sharing findings

Help us keep the Service Manual up to date by:

  • contributing to discussions in our user research guidance group
  • telling us if something is wrong or out of date using the feedback link at the top of each guide

Find out about the user-centred design community

The user research community is part of the wider user-centred design community. Find out more about the user-centred design community, training and cross-government events.

Last update:

Added guides for research in discovery, alpha, beta and live.

  1. Added guides to getting users' consent for research, sharing findings and analysing research sessions.

  2. Guidance first published