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User-centred design: training and events

You might have heard about changes to the user-centred design (UCD) communities team who provided training and events for practitioners and people interested in design, accessibility and user research.

The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) is committed to user-centred design as the best way to do digital transformation in government. As the UCD community has matured and grown in scale, we need to look at new, more sustainable models of how we work together across government. This means we will change how CDDO supports the cross-government design, user research and accessibility communities.

We will be identifying different ways for providing support in a more sustainable way in the future along with focussing on standards and guidance, which will enable us to find new ways of supporting departments to deliver their digital transformation programmes.


The community has grown to a size where the training model we have used previously is no longer sustainable - it simply cannot be scaled to support the size of the UCD community that now exists across government.

GDS Academy runs a number of courses including Understanding users and their needs - an online introduction to the basics of user-centred design.

Cross-government events

To keep being informed of UCD related news and events sign up for the user-centred design community newsletter.

Cross-government meetups

These run every 6 weeks or so remotely. Links are shared across various community channels on cross-gov Slack.

User Research Mondays

On the first Monday of each month we hear from a researcher about tools they’re using for remote work. These sessions run from 4pm to 4:45pm and you can join remotely via Zoom. Links are shared on the #user-research channel on cross-gov Slack.

Service Thursdays

On the first Thursday of each month we hear from one team in government about a service transformation project. These sessions run from 12pm to 1pm you can join remotely via Zoom. Links and recordings are shared on the #servicedesign channel on cross-gov Slack and #design channel on the local government Slack.

Discuss a design challenge

Every month the design team at GDS gathers people from across the public sector in a one hour Google Meet to discuss a design challenge around a particular topic. Links are shared on the #servicedesign channel on cross-gov Slack

Get feedback sessions

These are remote design critiques with the cross-government UCD community. They are held in small groups and in a safe and inclusive environment. They take place every Wednesday from 11am to 12:30pm.

Join these sessions if:

  • you would like service, interaction, content or graphic design feedback on your work
  • you would like to give feedback to help fellow cross-government peers

You do not have to be doing a user-centred design role to join these sessions. For example, they could be helpful for you if you’re on a project team without design help.

Information about how to sign-up to join these sessions is shared on the #design channel on cross-gov Slack.

Get involved with the user-centred design communities

You can find out more about the:

If you’re interested in learning more you can read updates on the community blogs:

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