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Accessibility community

The accessibility community is a group where you can:

  • ask questions about accessibility, develop your knowledge, and get or give advice and support
  • stay updated on the accessibility work that different departments are involved in
  • meet people across government with an interest in improving accessibility
  • share good practice ideas and examples

The community also helps to raise awareness of accessibility concerns or issues, which can then be addressed in blog posts, new guidance or training.

Who the community is for

You might be interested in this community if your work involves:

  • writing content or code
  • designing the user experience
  • doing user research
  • managing a product or service

You can also join if you want to learn more about accessibility, or if you do not want to tackle accessibility issues on your own.

You do not have to be in an accessibility-related role to join, but you must be working in or with government. Most people in the group are not accessibility specialists.

Get involved


If you’re interested in discussing accessibility issues, you can:

Email the accessibility team at if you:

  • cannot access the Google group or Slack channel
  • would like to write a blog post


The community runs 3 or 4 cross-government accessibility meetups every year. These are announced on the accessibility community discussion group.

Community resources

Learn more about accessibility by using resources the community has found helpful, inspiring or influential.

Blog posts

Read the accessibility in government blog for tips and research. Popular posts include:

Books and newsletters

Read more about accessibility in:

Accessibility groups

Learn more from organisations and groups who promote and discuss better accessibility:

Accessibility in the Service Manual

To find out best practice for accessibility, read Making your service accessible: an introduction.

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