Support for government publishers

Where to get help and advice

There are several places you can get help and advice when writing for GOV.UK.

The style guide

The style guide is an A to Z of the government website’s house style. It includes naming conventions, style for specific words and phrases, spelling, hyphenation and capitalisation.


Basecamp is a place where you can ask questions of the government content community (which includes content designers in other departments and agencies, and GDS) for advice and tips on publishing.

If you want to join, you can ask anyone who’s already a member to invite you, or email

Cross-government Slack

UK government digital Slack - also known as ‘cross-government Slack’, is a chat room where you can ask questions of your content community colleagues, as well as other communities across government.

To join, you just need an email address that ends in “”.

Content advice form

Use the GDS content advice form to get advice directly from GDS about publishing content through Whitehall Publisher.