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  3. Making your service look like GOV.UK

Your site must look like GOV.UK if it’s on one of the following domains:


This includes alpha and beta services.

If your service isn’t on GOV.UK

You’re also welcome to use the GOV.UK patterns and frontend code even if you’re not on one of these domains.

However, your site must not:

  • identify itself as being part of GOV.UK
  • use the crown or GOV.UK logotype in the header
  • use the GDS Transport typeface
  • suggest that it’s an official UK government website if it’s not

You should also use the brand logo and font of your organisation.

Meeting the Digital Service Standard

To pass point 13 (make the user experience consistent with GOV.UK) in your service assessments, you must show how you’ve used the GOV.UK design patterns, frontend toolkit and style guide.

You must also demonstrate that you’ve got a start and end page on GOV.UK, and that both have been designed for common user journeys.

Designing your GOV.UK service

When building your service, you must use the GOV.UK:

You’ll need the GOV.UK template, frontend toolkit and elements to implement the patterns and typeface.

You must also have a GOV.UK:

Creating and adapting patterns

If research shows that none of the existing GOV.UK patterns meet the needs of your users, you can:

  • adapt an existing pattern
  • create a new pattern

In a service assessment, you’ll need to provide research and evidence to prove how your design works better for users.

Learn more about using, adapting and creating patterns.

Researching design solutions

GOV.UK design patterns are reviewed regularly and tested with users on live government services.

You can read the research and join discussions about them on the design patterns wiki.

Examples and case studies

Examples that show you how to make your service consistent with GOV.UK include:

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