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If you’re building a digital service, you’ll need to provide a way for users to give you feedback on their experience of using it.



Why your service must have a feedback page

All public beta or live services must have a feedback page so you can collect comments and measure user satisfaction.

The page must be hosted on GOV.UK so satisfaction scores can be compared across services on the performance platform.

Get a feedback page

Contact your organisation’s content team to get a feedback page on GOV.UK for your public beta or live service. They’ll need to make a content request.

If your service is in alpha or private beta, you can create your own feedback page.

When to make your request

You should contact your organisation’s content team to discuss your feedback page and start page at least 1 month before your beta assessment.

GOV.UK will only publish your feedback page when your service:

  • passes its beta assessment or self-certification
  • goes into public beta

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