Self Assessment tax return forms

You can download forms to help you send your tax return either online or by post.

You must send your tax return by the deadline or you’ll get a penalty.

The main tax return (SA100)

There are 2 ways to do a Self Assessment tax return. You can:

This guide is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

Getting help

You can:

Only fill in the short tax return (SA200) if HMRC sends it to you. You cannot download it, but you can read the guidance notes.

Extra sections

You might need to fill in more sections, known as ‘supplementary pages’, if you’re telling HMRC about these types of income:

Check the full list of supplementary pages to make sure you fill in the right sections if you’re sending your return by post.

If you’re sending a tax return for the 2017 to 2018 tax year or earlier, get forms from the National Archives.

Sending a tax return if you’re not an individual

There are special forms if you’re sending a tax return for a business partnership or non-resident company, or if you’re a trustee.

Type of tax return Forms and guidance notes
Non-resident companies SA700
Partnership SA800 (including supplementary pages)
Trust and estate SA900 (including supplementary pages)
Trustees of registered pension schemes SA970

If you need help you can: