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  1. Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements review

    Joint Home Office and Ministry of Justice review of the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

  2. Sizewell C: engagement plan

    Environment Agency's plan on how they will engage with the public and stakeholders on the environmental permitting of Sizewell C.

  3. Higher education grants and loans 2020 to 2021: equality analysis

    Analysis of how changes made to student support for the 2020 to 2021 academic year will affect specific protected groups.

  4. Employment Allowance: excluded persons regulations 2020

    This Tax Information and Impact Note is about Employment Allowance when you have less than £100,000 in secondary Class 1 National Insurance contributions liability.

  5. Fifth Annual Report on the Implementation and Operation of Part 2 (Finance) of the Wales Act 2014

    The Secretary of State has laid before Parliament the Fifth Annual Report on the Implementation and Operation of Part 2 (Finance) of the Wales Act 2014.

  6. Conservative and DUP Agreement and UK Government financial support for Northern Ireland

    Confidence and Supply Agreement between the Conservative and Unionist Party and the Democratic Unionist Party.

  7. Communiqués from the Inter Ministerial Group for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    A note of the meetings held by the Inter Ministerial Group for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in 2019 and 2020.

  8. Record of Financial Stability Report meeting: December 2019

    A record of the meeting between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Governor of the Bank of England on the bank's Financial Stability Report.

  9. Thames: groundwater situation

    The latest update on monitored groundwater levels and whether there are any groundwater alerts or warnings in force.

  10. Sentencing (Pre-consolidation Amendments) Bill

    The Sentencing (Pre-consolidation Amendments) Bill paves the way for the introduction of the Sentencing Code – a consolidation of sentencing procedure.

  11. Police grants in England and Wales: 2020 to 2021

    Final allocations of grants to police and crime commissioners in England and Wales for 2020 to 2021.

  12. Monitoring air quality and dust on the HS2 Phase One route (November 2019)

    Monthly air quality monitoring reports for HS2, taken within local authorities along the Phase One (London to West Midlands) route.

  13. Arundel tidal defence scheme

    How the Environment Agency is working to reduce flood risk in Arundel.

  14. Capacity Market Rules

    The Capacity Market Rules provide the detail for implementing the operating framework set out in regulations.

  15. DVLA privacy policy

    This privacy notice explains how DVLA processes your personal data.

  16. Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report: government response

    This document sets out the government’s response to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry’s Phase 1 report, which was published on 30 October 2019.

  17. Evidence to the STRB: 2020 pay award for school staff

    The Education Secretary’s evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) about the 2020 pay award for teachers and school leaders.

  18. Implementation of changes to the loan charge

    This measure explains changes to the loan charge following recommendations from the independent review published on 20 December 2019.

  19. UK Government Statement on the UK-Africa Investment Summit

    On 20 January 2020, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, hosted the UK-Africa Investment Summit. The Summit agreed new lasting partnerships between the UK and African countries to deliver more investment, jobs and growth.

  20. Judicial Pension Scheme member contribution rates: January 2020

    Ministry of Justice report to Parliament regarding member contribution rates for the Judicial Pensions Scheme 2015.