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Guidance and regulation

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From Department for Transport (DfT)
  • The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users, including pedestrians, mobility scooter users, cyclists, horse riders, drivers and motorcyclists.

  • Blue Badge parking for people with disabilities: who can get a badge and how to apply.

  • What you need to know about crossing the UK border and visiting the UK.

  • Traffic signs used, including signs giving orders, warning signs, direction signs, information signs and road works signs.

  • Road traffic signage in Great Britain, including information on the signing system, regulatory signs, speed limit signs and all other signs.

  • Check if there are any COVID-19 rules in place for travel to England from abroad.

  • Signals, stopping procedures, lighting, control of the vehicle, speed limits, stopping distances, lines and lane markings and multi-lane carriageways, smoking, mobile phones and sat nav.

  • Rules for using the road, including general rules, overtaking, road junctions, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and reversing.

  • Rules for waiting and parking, including rules on parking at night and decriminalised parking enforcement.

  • A list of bus companies and bus routes included in the £2 bus fare cap scheme.

  • Rules for pedestrians, including general guidance, crossing the road, crossings, and situations needing extra care.

  • Service for local highway authorities, utility companies or contractors within England to plan, manage and record street and road works.

  • The rules about towing a trailer or caravan with a car changed on 16 December 2021. Find out how the changes affect you.

  • What UK drivers need to do to drive when visiting the EU

  • Road markings used, including those across the carriageway, along the carriageway, along the edge of the carriageway, on the kerb or at the edge of the carriageway and other road markings.

  • Who The Highway Code is for, how it's worded, the consequences of not following the rules, self-driving vehicles, and the hierarchy of road users (Rules H1 to H3).

  • Guidance for traffic authorities on the use of traffic signs and road markings.

  • Rules for drivers and motorcyclists, including vehicle condition, fitness to drive, alcohol and drugs, what to do before setting off, vehicle towing and loading, and seat belts and child restraints.

  • Rules for cyclists, including an overview, road junctions, roundabouts and crossing the road.

  • England's Blue Badge scheme plus user's rights and responsibilities.