You can report a serious safety defect with your vehicle or one of its related parts to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

They will pass any relevant information on to the manufacturer for them to investigate further.

Before reporting a safety defect

Before reporting a safety defect you should make sure the problem with your vehicle is a ‘serious safety defect’.

DVSA defines this as a ‘feature of design or construction liable to cause a significant risk of personal injury or death’.

Things that aren’t serious safety defects include:

  • defects that can be identified during routine maintenance and servicing
  • defects that give prior warning from warning lights, marked changes in handling and unusual noises

For more information about safety defects, read DVSA’s ‘Consumers’ guide to vehicle safety defects’.

Recalled vehicles

A vehicle might be recalled if a fault is discovered in a make or model after manufacturing.

Read DVSA’s ‘Consumers’ guide to vehicle safety recalls’ for more information about safety recalls.