Register as a British citizen

7. Gibraltar and Hong Kong


You probably became a British citizen automatically if you were registered as a British overseas territories citizen in Gibraltar before 21 May 2002.

You can register as a British citizen if you were either:

  • naturalised in Gibraltar as a British overseas territories citizen after 21 May 2002
  • registered in Gibraltar as a minor after 21 May 2002

Get an application form from the Civil Status and Registration office.

Civil Status and Registration office
Telephone: +00 350 2005 1726

Hong Kong

You can apply if you’re ordinarily resident in Hong Kong at the date of your application and were a resident there on 3 February 1997.

Children born after this date must be ordinarily resident at the time of their birth.

Ordinarily resident means:

  • you live in Hong Kong full-time
  • you’re not breaking any immigration rules
  • you’ve moved to Hong Kong voluntarily with the intention of settling there

You must also be of good character.


You must have been a British national on 3 February 1997 and you mustn’t have held another citizenship or nationality at the time or since then.

You can apply if you became a British national after 3 February 1997, unless you hold another nationality.

You can be a national of a country even if you’ve never had a passport from there - make sure this isn’t the case before applying for British citizenship.

You might be a Chinese national if you became a British national through your Hong Kong connections but are ethnically Chinese. Contact the immigration department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region before applying.

How to apply

Apply using form EM. Read the guidance before you apply.