Northern Ireland political stability

Guidance and regulation

  1. Guidance on decision-making for Northern Ireland Departments
  2. Guidance to the Independent Reporting Commission
  3. NIO Equality Scheme update
  4. Designation of polling districts at parliamentary elections: Northern Ireland
  5. NIO Equality Scheme
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Research and statistics

  1. Assessment on paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland
  2. The Report of the Hallett Review
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Fresh Start and Stormont House Agreements: six monthly update
  2. A Fresh Start & Stormont House Agreements: six-monthly update
  3. Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan: Welfare Reform
  4. Villiers publishes policy paper on Northern Ireland (Stormont House Agreement) Bill 2015
  5. 6 month progress report for Stormont House Agreement
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Electoral Office for NI Returning Officers' expenses & accounts 2015-16
  2. Parades Commission Annual Report & Financial Accounts until 31 March 2016
  3. NIO Senior Staff Quarterly Returns 1 April - 30 September 2015
  4. NIO Special Advisor Quarterly Returns 1 April - 30 September 2015
  5. Ministerial Quarterly Returns 1 April - 30 Sept 2015
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