4. Get insurance

Contact the National Flood Forum for advice on how to get insurance and reduce your premium or excess.

Contact the British Insurance Brokers’ Association to find a broker that specialises in properties that are difficult to insure.

Read guidance on getting insurance in high flood risk areas if you can’t get insurance.

Get evidence of flood risk

An insurance company may ask you for an Insurance Related Request Letter if your property is at risk of flooding. The insurer will use the letter to decide if they’ll insure you and how much it will cost.

Contact the Environment Agency to get the letter.

The letter states:

  • if your property is in a flood risk area
  • how likely the area is to flood
  • the protection given by local flood defences
  • if there are any planned flood defences

You’ll get the letter within 20 working days. It’s free for individuals and £60 for businesses.

If you’ve done flood protection work on your property, you or a surveyor can complete a Flood Risk Report to tell insurers or buyers how the work affects the flood risk.