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Contact your council to get a pet shop licence in England, Scotland and Wales.

What counts as a pet shop?

A pet shop is any building where animals are sold as pets, including your own home.

You can’t sell animals as pets in public places - eg from a market stall.

However, you don’t need a licence to sell:

  • pedigree animals that you’ve bred
  • animals that are offspring of your own pet


Your council may carry out an inspection to check that:

  • the accommodation will be suitable for the animals
  • you’ll provide enough food and drink and visit the animals regularly where necessary
  • you’ll take reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • mammals won’t be sold if they’re too young
  • you have appropriate plans in case of fire or other emergencies

The council may also add other specific conditions to your licence.

How to apply

Contact the council for the area where your shop or home is located.

The licence will be valid for 1 year.

Fines and penalties

If you run a pet shop without a licence, or break the terms of your licence, you could be fined up to £500 and/or imprisoned for up to 3 months.