National Concessionary Fuel Scheme

3. Eligibility

Contact the National Concessionary Fuel Office (NCFO) to check if you’re eligible - you usually are if you’re an ex-employee of the National Coal Board (NCB) or British Coal Corporation (BCC).

Widows and widowers of ex-employees may also qualify.

NCFO Helpline
Telephone: 0845 759 0529
Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm
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Change of circumstances

Your allowance might be affected if your circumstances change, including:

  • who owns or rents your property changes
  • you change your heating arrangements
  • you remarry, marry or move in with a partner (widows, widowers and dependents only)
  • who lives in your home changes (family or lodgers moving in)
  • you take up employment or self-employment

You need to inform the NCFO of any changes in circumstances as your allowance can change. If your allowance goes down, any overpayments must be repaid in full.