Motorcycle trainer fees

There’s no charge to take the compulsory basic training (CBT) and direct access scheme (DAS) instructor assessments, but there are fees for other types of motorcycle trainer tests and registration.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) special test fee

As a fully qualified motorcycle trainer you can take the DVSA special test if you want your skills tested to the highest standard.

Fee type Price
DVSA motorcycle special test £163

Register of post-test motorcycle trainers (RPMT) fees

You have to pay a fee to take the qualifying tests and then register to join the RPMT so you can give enhanced rider scheme training.

Fee type Price
Starter pack £6.99
Theory and hazard perception test £66
Riding ability test £114
Instructional ability test £114
Registration and renewal fee (1 year) £90
Registration and renewal fee (4 years) £240

You have to pay the full amount again if you don’t pass any of the tests, and want to take another one.

There are different fees for motorcycle trainers in Northern Ireland.