1. Overview

You can take court action against someone who owes you money and won’t pay. This is known as making a court claim. It can also be known as taking someone to a ‘small claims court’.

You usually have to pay a court fee, and you may not win your case or get your money back.

A mediation service could be quicker and cheaper than going to court. Mediation is when an impartial person helps 2 sides work out an agreement.

There is a different process for court claims in Scotland.

How to take court action

If you still want to take court action you can either:

It will be quicker and cheaper to make the claim online, which you can do in most cases.

Where to send the claim form

Send the claim form to:

County Court Money Claims Centre
PO Box 527
M5 0BY

You’ll need to include payment for the court fee.

What happens next

You may have to go to a court hearing if the other person or business denies owing the money.

You can get the court to order them to pay if they admit owing the money or don’t respond.

If they still won’t pay, you’ll need to ask the court to take extra steps to collect the money, eg using bailiffs. This is called enforcing a judgment.

Help making a claim

Contact the Money Claim Online help desk if you’re making the claim online.

Money Claim Online help desk
0300 123 1057
0160 461 9402
Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

Contact the court centre if you’re using the claim form.

County Court Money Claims Centre
0300 123 1372
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
Find out about call charges