Local authority moderation of the EYFS profile

How local authorities must assess providers to check they are completing their early years foundation stage (EYFS) profiles correctly.

Local authorities are responsible for carrying out moderation visits to 25% of the early years settings in their area where the EYFS profile is being completed. They should also organise moderation training sessions for practitioners.

Moderation visits are designed to assess teachers’ ability to make accurate assessments of the children in their care, as part of the EYFS profile.

The visits help local authorities ensure that the assessments made by the practitioners in their area are consistent with national standards.

Section 6 of the EYFS profile handbook provides local authorities with detailed guidance on moderation. The handbook includes advice on:

  • the principles and processes local authorities must follow to make sure their moderation visits are effective and focused on the right elements
  • local authorities’ responsibility to provide information, advice and training to early years practitioners responsible for completing the EYFS profile
  • what local authorities must do when they find that an early years setting’s judgements are not in line with the national standards

External moderation from the Standards and Testing Agency (STA)

Local authority moderation of early years assessments should also be consistent across the country. STA visits a national sample of local authorities every year during the summer term to examine how they moderate the EYFS profile in their area.

STA moderators have 3 main functions:

  • attending moderation visits undertaken by the local authority
  • meeting with the local authorities’ EYFS profile moderation manager and team to discuss their approaches to moderation, training and support
  • reporting to the STA on the effectiveness of the local authorities’ moderation process

More information on the external moderation of local authorities by STA is also available from section 6 of the EYFS profile handbook.