Legal aid – guidance

Legal Aid Agency payments to providers

Check dates for processing (crime and civil) and planned BACS payments, get financial statements, switch to variable monthly payments.

Management information online service

Using the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) MI online service, you can access, download and print financial statements from your own office or from the whole firm.

This service is only available if you’re signed up to use to LAA online.

Provider Statement of Account

The PSOA gives you a summary document of all account transactions.

PSOA delivery date Period covered
12 January 2015 27 November to 31 December 2014
6 February 2015 1 January to 28 January 2015
6 March 2015 29 January to 25 February 2015
10 April 2015 26 February to 1 April 2015

BACS payments

Once your bill is ready for payment, it might take up to 8 working days for the money to reach your account if you’re paid by BACS.

Help us process claims more quickly by waiting 8 days before contacting our customer services team about payments.

You’ll normally receive remittance advice on the payment date, unless there are problems with the postal system.

We make contract payments in the first week of the month (payment 1).

Note: the payment date stated on remittance advice slips will appear as 3 working days before you receive funds, due to additional processing time.

Monthly payment dates 2015

Monthly payment 1 Monthly payment 2 Monthly payment 3 Monthly payment 4 Monthly payment 5
6 Jan 12 Jan 19 Jan 26 Jan n/a
2 Feb 9 Feb 16 Feb 23 Feb n/a
2 Mar 9 Mar 16 Mar 23 Mar 30 Mar
8 April 13 April 20 April 27 April n/a
5 May 11 May 18 May 26 May n/a
1 June 8 June 15 June 22 June 29 June
6 July 13 July 20 July 27 July n/a
3 Aug 10 Aug 17 Aug 24 Aug n/a
1 Sept 7 Sept 14 Sept 21 Sept 28 Sept
5 Oct 12 Oct 19 Oct 26 Oct n/a
2 Nov 9 Nov 16 Nov 23 Nov 30 Nov
7 Dec 14 Dec 21 Dec 30 Dec n/a

Monthly LAA payment process

Variable monthly payments guidance

You can choose variable monthly payments if you provide civil (legal help) and crime (lower) work.

Switch to the LAA variable monthly payments scheme (MS Word Document, 33KB)

Civil processing

Crime processing

Update your details

Note: we hold your details in a database.

Send any changes to your details in writing to:

Provider Records
6th Floor (Postal Point 6:52)
102 Petty France

DX: 161440