Antisocial behaviour is behaviour that causes harassment, alarm or distress to other people.

It can include both criminal and non-criminal behaviour, for example:

  • noisy neighbours  
  • vandalism  
  • graffiti  
  • fly-tipping and littering  
  • discarding syringes or needles  
  • threatening, harassing or inconsiderate behaviour

Local police, councils and social housing landlords work together to deal with antisocial behaviour. They do this differently in different areas.

Who to report antisocial behaviour to

Who you report antisocial behaviour to depends on the type of behaviour it is and where it takes place.

Report it to:

  • the police - if you feel threatened or you think the behaviour could be breaking the law
  • your council - if it affects your local area
  • your landlord - if you live in a council or housing association home and it’s happening in or near your building