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HMRC internal manual

Shared Workspace Business Manual

Mandatory HMRC Business Authorising Officer Reviews: Review Room Membership

This is a mandatory review for the HMRC Business Authorising Officer (BAO) andmust be carried out at 6 monthly intervals (or more frequent where required) beforesigning the BAO Certificate of Assurance SW03605.

Only members with a business need should have access to Shared Workspace. This helps tokeep information secure and keeps licences free for new members to use the service.

To help keep the member list of a Room up to date, an HMRC Business Authorising Officer(BAO) with the assistance of a Customer Nominated Contact (CNC) for each Room mustcarry out a check of the membership at 6 monthly intervals.

The BAO is responsible for reviewing all the HMRC membership of the Room and for askingthe Customer Nominated Contact to review the members from their Customer Organisation.

Note: Business units should consider introducing a policy of carrying outthese reviews more frequently where the type of business conducted in the room warrantssuch action.

HMRC Members

The BAO should check all HMRC members in every Room for which they are responsible. Ifthe BAO has any doubt about whether a member should have access to a Room they shouldconsult with the member and/or the member’s Line Manager and delete any HMRC memberswho no longer need access.

De-enroling an HMRC Member

If the HMRC member has left the business unit or no longer needs access to the SharedWorkspace service and icon, the BAO should ask the Line Manager to de-enrol the member SW05260

Customer Members

To review the Customer Membership the BAO should contact CNCs of each organisationwithin the room. This can be done by sending an alert from the member list page of theRoom. The subject title should be changed to “Member List review” and themessage area used to ask the CNCs to check that their customer members still need accessto the Room and to remove any that do not.


  1. Do not delete the links within the ‘Message’ area.
  2. The BAO Certificate of Assurance can be completed without the Customer Member review (see below) because HMRC is not responsible for customer membership.

Non-Compliant Room

Where the Room does not comply with SW and HMRC policies the BAO must take immediatecorrective action. Until all issues are resolved, the Certificate of Assurance must not becompleted and the BAO should consider locking the Room, where appropriate SW06300.