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HMRC internal manual

Shared Workspace Business Manual

Mandatory HMRC Business Authorising Officer Reviews: Mandatory Room Reviews

This is a mandatory set of reviews for the HMRC Business Authorising Officer (BAO) and must be carried out at 6 monthly intervals (or more frequent where required).

It is the responsibility of the BAO to ensure that each of their Rooms is managed effectively.

While the reviews and subsequent completion of the BAO Certificate of Assurance must be undertaken at no more than 6 monthly intervals, for some types of Room, or type of content within a Room, it will be necessary for BAOs to carry out their mandatory reviews at more frequent intervals.

It is for the BAO to consider, both when the Room is created and during it’s lifecycle, whether these reviews should be carried out more frequently and if so to put in place the appropriate process(es) to ensure this is done.

The BAO must complete and send a BAO Certificate of Assurance to the Shared Workspace Business Sponsor after each set of reviews, once satisfied that any issues have been resolved.

It is important that the use of the Room does not change over time and continues to remain within the scope of the original agreed purpose. The BAO must enter the purpose of the Room onto the BAO Certificate of Assurance. For most Rooms, the purpose can be found within the Room as follows

  • Select the ‘Edit’ button on the home page of the Room
  • Select ‘Name & Description’ from the left hand menu list.

Note: if the Room purpose is not shown the BAO should take the opportunity to enter the purpose onto SW, referring to the original application form as necessary.

The BAO Certificate of Assurance confirms that a BAO for each Room has conducted the following mandatory 6 monthly (or more frequent) reviews for all their Rooms whilst also taking into account the purpose of the Room

  • Review Room Membership SW03620.
  • Review Room Content & GPMS Markings SW03625.

and, where the Room is for collaboration with Customer Organisations

  • Review the number of Organisations per Room SW03615.

The purpose of the reviews is to ensure that

  • only members of Shared Workspace with a business need and the appropriate authority have access to a Room
  • the Room content is appropriate and that data has the right GPMS level
  • the correct number of Organisations are in a Room.

For a copy of the BAO Certificate of Assurance please click here.

Non-Compliant Room

Where the Room does not comply with SW and HMRC policies the BAO must take immediate corrective action. Until all issues are resolved, the Certificate of Assurance must not be completed and the BAO should consider locking the Room, where appropriate SW06300.

Further guidance is available in the BAO learning on Kalidus (prospectus item code 0010372.