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HMRC internal manual

National Minimum Wage Manual

Disclosure of information: contents

  1. NMWM16010
  2. NMWM16020
    Duty of confidentiality and the declaration of confidentiality
  3. NMWM16030
    Lawful authority to disclose information
  4. NMWM16040
    Sanction for unlawful disclosure
  5. NMWM16050
    Ownership of national minimum wage information
  6. NMWM16060
    Exchange of information with other HM Revenue & Customs’ teams
  7. NMWM16070
    Legal gateways; providing information to another government department or public authority, including local authorities
  8. NMWM16080
    Legal gateways; request for information from another government department or public authority, including local authorities
  9. NMWM16090
    Memorandum of understanding
  10. NMWM16100
    No legal gateway; lawful disclosure in the public interest
  11. NMWM16105
    Public interest disclosures for public health or public safety
  12. NMWM16110
    Data Protection Act 1998
  13. NMWM16120
    Data Protection Act; issues relevant to HM Revenue & Customs’ disclosures
  14. NMWM16130
    Data Protection Act; requests for information
  15. NMWM16140
    Data Protection Act; obtaining information from third parties (such as local authorities)
  16. NMWM16160
    Data Protection Act; requests from third parties for HM Revenue & Customs’ national minimum wage information
  17. NMWM16170
    Freedom of Information
  18. NMWM16180
    Freedom of Information; requests for information
  19. NMWM16190
    Human Rights Act 1998
  20. NMWM16200
    Human Rights Act; information sharing provisions
  21. NMWM16210
    Department For Business, Innovation & Skills
  22. NMWM16215
    Employment Agency Standards inspectorate and the Department Of Employment And Learning
  23. NMWM16220
    Home Office and its associated organisations including the police
  24. NMWM16225
    Home Office Immigration Enforcement (previously UK Border Agency)
  25. NMWM16230
    Department For Work And Pensions
  26. NMWM16240
    Child Support Agency and the Child Maintenance And Enforcement Commission
  27. NMWM16250
    Health And Safety Executive
  28. NMWM16260
    Gangmasters Licensing Authority
  29. NMWM16270
    Department For Environment, Food And Rural Affairs and the Scottish and Northern Irish equivalents
  30. NMWM16280
    Insolvency Service; disqualification unit, liquidators, administrators and administrative receivers
  31. NMWM16290
    Insolvency Service; disqualification unit. what can be disclosed
  32. NMWM16300
    External solicitors acting for the Department For Business, Innovation & Skills
  33. NMWM16310
    Orders from tribunal (no direct HM Revenue & Customs’ involvement)
  34. NMWM16312
    NMW Officer ordered to attend a tribunal (no direct HM Revenue & Customs’ involvement)
  35. NMWM16314
    Providing documentation to a tribunal (no direct HM Revenue & Customs’ involvement )
  36. NMWM16316
    Providing information as a witness to a tribunal (no direct HM Revenue & Customs’ involvement)
  37. NMWM16320
    Civil and criminal court proceedings (no direct HM Revenue & Customs’ involvement )
  38. NMWM16330
    Witness summonses and subpoenas (witness citations in Scotland)
  39. NMWM16340
    Orders from court; requests for information not binding on the crown
  40. NMWM16350
    Lawful disclosure: disclosure with the customer’s consent (including for agents and personal representatives)
  41. NMWM16360
    Procedure to obtain consent - written or verbal
  42. NMWM16370
    Procedure to obtain consent at interview with customer and third party
  43. NMWM16380
    Disclosure of customer information in correspondence with Members of Parliament (MP,MSP, AM, MEP, etc)
  44. NMWM16390
    Telephone enquiries received from Members of Parliament
  45. NMWM16400
    Protecting confidentiality when obtaining information from third parties
  46. NMWM16410
    Protecting confidentiality when on the telephone
  47. NMWM16420
    Bogus telephone calls
  48. NMWM16430
    Criminal Records Bureau, Disclosure Scotland and police service Northern Ireland
  49. NMWM16440
    Power of attorney
  50. NMWM16460
    The Parliamentary Ombudsman
  51. NMWM16470
    Charity Commission
  52. NMWM16500
    Revenue & Customs Prosecution Office (RCPO)
  53. NMWM16510
    Verifying information already held
  54. NMWM16520
    Obtaining consent where the customer is deceased or if a company is insolvent or has been dissolved