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HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

Destination & derivation tables for CT to CTM conversion: Destination table for pages CT1 - CT1765 & Preface

CT paragraphs in ascending order Converted to CTM paragraph number
CT/Preface CTM00505
CT1 CTM00510
CT2 CTM00520
CT6 CTM00530
CT10 CTM01105
CT11 CTM01110
CT12 CTM01120
CT13 CTM01130
CT14 CTM01140
CT15 CTM01150
CT16 CTM01160
CT17 CTM01170
CT18 CTM01180
CT19 CTM01190
CT40 CTM01405
CT41 CTM01410
CT42 CTM01420
CT50 CTM01500
CT51 CTM01510
CT52 CTM01520
CT53 CTM01530
CT55 CTM01550
CT56 CTM01560
CT75 CTM01750
CT76 CTM01750
CT80 CTM01800
CT130 CTM02010
CT131 CTM02020
CT132 CTM02030
CT133 CTM02040
CT140 CTM02050
CT141 CTM02060
CT160 CTM02100
CT164 CTM02110
CT170 CTM02120
CT171 CTM02130
CT175 CTM02140
CT176 CTM02150
CT250 CTM02250
CT350 CTM02350
CT400 CTM04005
CT402 CTM04020
CT405 CTM04050
CT410 CTM04100
CT415 CTM04150
CT420 CTM04200
CT425 CTM04250
CT430 CTM04300
CT435 CTM04350
CT436 CTM04360
CT437 CTM04370
CT438 CTM04380
CT439 CTM04390
CT440 CTM04400
CT445 CTM04400
CT450 CTM04505
CT455 CTM04510
CT460 CTM04520
CT465 CTM04530
CT470 CTM04540
CT475 CTM04540
CT480 CTM04550
CT485 CTM04570
CT490 CTM04580
CT495 CTM04590
CT500 CTM04600
CT505 CTM04610
CT510 CTM04620
CT540 CTM04630
CT550 CTM04640
CT555 CTM04650
CT565 CTM04700
CT580 CTM04710
CT585 CTM04720
CT590 CTM04730
CT600 CTM06005
CT601 CTM06010
CT602 CTM06020
CT603 CTM06030
CT606 CTM06060
CT607 CTM06070
CT611 CTM06110
CT612 CTM06120
CT613 CTM06130
CT621 CTM06210
CT625 CTM06250
CT626 CTM06260
CT627 CTM06270
CT628 CTM06280
CT630 CTM06200
CT650 CTM06505
CT651 CTM06510
CT652 CTM06520
CT653 CTM06530
CT654 CTM06540
CT655 CTM06550
CT656 CTM06560
CT800 CTM08005
CT801 CTM08010
CT802 CTM08020
CT803 CTM08030
CT804 CTM08040
CT805 CTM08050
CT806 CTM08060
CT807 CTM08070
CT808 CTM08080
CT809 CTM08090
CT810 CTM08100
CT811 CTM08110
CT815 CTM08150
CT816 CTM08160
CT817 CTM08170
CT818 CTM08180
CT819 CTM08190
CT820 CTM08200
CT821 CTM08210
CT822 CTM08220
CT823 CTM08230
CT824 CTM08240
CT825 CTM08250
CT826 CTM08260
CT830 CTM08300
CT831 CTM08310
CT832 CTM08320
CT833 CTM08330
CT834 CTM08340
CT835 CTM08350
CT836 CTM08360
CT837 CTM08370
CT838 CTM08380
CT839 CTM08390
CT840 CTM08400
CT841 CTM08410
CT842 CTM08420
CT843 CTM08430
CT844 CTM08440
CT845 CTM08450
CT846 CTM08460
CT847 CTM08470
CT855 CTM08550
CT856 CTM08560
CT857 CTM08570
CT858 CTM08580
CT860 CTM08600
CT861 CTM08610
CT862 CTM08620
CT871 CTM08710
CT872 CTM08720
CT875 CTM08750
CT877 CTM08770
CT878 CTM08780
CT880 CTM08800
CT881 CTM08810
CT884 CTM08840
CT885 CTM08850
CT888 CTM08880
CT890 CTM08900
CT891 CTM08910
CT892 CTM08920
CT893 CTM08930
CT900 CTM09005
CT901 CTM09010
CT902 CTM09020
CT905 CTM09050
CT906a CTM09060
CT906b CTM09060
CT908 CTM09080
CT909 CTM09090
CT910 CTM09100
CT1200 CTM06305
CT1201 CTM06310
CT1202 CTM06320
CT1204 CTM06340
CT1205 CTM06350
CT1207 CTM06370
CT1208 CTM06380
CT1209 CTM06390
CT1210 CTM06400
CT1212 CTM06420
CT1213 CTM06430
CT1220 CTM06450
CT1500 CTM15120
CT1503 CTM15130
CT1504 CTM15140
CT1505 CTM15150
CT1520 CTM15200
CT1521 CTM15210
CT1525 CTM15250
CT1526 CTM15260
CT1527 CTM15270
CT1528 CTM15280
CT1529 CTM15290
CT1529a CTM15295
CT1530 CTM15300
CT1531 CTM15310
CT1533 CTM15330
CT1534 CTM15340
CT1535 CTM15350
CT1540 CTM15400
CT1541 CTM15410
CT1542 CTM15420
CT1543 CTM15430
CT1545 CTM15450
CT1550 CTM15500
CT1550a CTM15501
CT1550b CTM15502
CT1550c CTM15503
CT1550d CTM15504
CT1550e CTM15505
CT1551 CTM15510
CT1552 CTM15515
CT1552a CTM15520
CT1552b CTM15525
CT1553 CTM15530
CT1570 CTM15540
CT1572 CTM15550
CT1575 CTM15560
CT1577 CTM15570
CT1600 CTM16050
CT1610 CTM16100
CT1612 CTM16120
CT1613 CTM16130
CT1620 CTM16200
CT1621 CTM16210
CT1621a CTM16215
CT1622 CTM16220
CT1623 CTM16230
CT1624 CTM16240
CT1700 CTM17005
CT1701 CTM17010
CT1703 CTM17030
CT1704 CTM17040
CT1725 CTM17250
CT1726 CTM17260
CT1727 CTM17270
CT1728 CTM17280
CT1729 CTM17290
CT1730 CTM17300
CT1731 CTM17310
CT1732 CTM17320
CT1750 CTM17505
CT1750a CTM17507
CT1751 CTM17510
CT1752 CTM17520
CT1753 CTM17530
CT1754 CTM17540
CT1755 CTM17550
CT1756 CTM17560
CT1757 CTM17570
CT1758 CTM17580
CT1759 CTM17590
CT1760 CTM17600
CT1763 CTM17630
CT1764 CTM17640
CT1765 CTM17650