HMRC internal manual

Company Taxation Manual

CTM08340 - Corporation Tax: management expenses: pension contributions: contents

Companies make contributions to various different types of pension scheme.

Most pension schemes in the UK are ‘registered ‘, i.e. entitled to a range of statutory tax privileges. Where the contribution is made to a registered scheme, see below, BIM46001+, PTM043000 and FA04/S196.

Where the contribution is made to a pension scheme that is not registered, the treatment depends on whether the scheme has its own fund from which benefits are payable.

If the scheme is funded, see Schedule 24 FA03 and BIM46196. The treatment follows the EBT legislation etc (CTM08390).

If the scheme is unfunded, see FA04/S245. Broadly the employer will get relief for the payments of the pension to the former employee when they are actually paid.

The guidance for contributions to registered pension schemes by companies with investment business is laid out as follows: