Valuation Office Agency Rent Officers

Valuation Office Agency Rent Officers determine Local Housing Allowance rates and maintain a register of fair rents for regulated tenancies in England.

VOA Rent Officers carry out a range of statutory duties covering rental data, fair rents and Local Housing Allowance rates. Housing Benefit payments are made by local authorities.

Rent Officers

Find out about the work of VOA Rent Officers.

Fair rents

How to register a fair rent for regulated tenancies in England and check fair rent levels.

Local Housing Allowance

How Local Housing Allowance rates are set and used to work out Housing Benefit.

Rent Officers and Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit payments are linked to rent levels in the Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA) you live in, and to your personal circumstances, like family size and income.

Housing Benefit payments are made by your local authority.

To apply for Housing Benefit, go to the local authority for your area and fill in a benefit calculator and claim online.

You can also claim Housing Benefits alongside other benefits.

Find out about the universal credit and changes to benefits.


VOA Rent Officers: public

Valuation Office Agency
Rent Officer Functions
Customer Service Centre
Wycliffe House

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For queries regarding fair rents, Local Housing Allowance rates, and to contact a Rent Officer.

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