Update your details with LAA

Solicitors and barristers: how to submit any changes in your details to the Legal Aid Agency.


You should only send updates to address details, Change to Lead Office details and Novation documents to your Contract Manager, all other changes to your details should be sent directly to Provider Records.

Bank details

Email changes to your bank details to Provider Records. Your request should be made in the body of an official letter on headed paper and include both previous bank details and the new ones.

Two partners will need to sign the letter.

This is the format to follow in the official letter you attach to your email:

Previous bank details
Bank payee name:
Sort code:
Bank account number:
New bank details
Bank payee name:
Sort code:
Bank account number:

The bank account must be registered to the provider and not to a third party.

If you have changed your bank details using the Current Account Switch Service and are being paid via BACS, please be aware that the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) will take steps to automatically update your bank account details. You do not need to notify the LAA of this change.

If you are unsure whether you are covered by the Current Account Switch Service, please contact your bank or building society. If you are not covered by the Service, it is your responsibility to notify Provider Records.



Send all changes to your details on Chambers letterhead to Provider Records in an email.


Barristers and solicitors: what you can’t send to Provider Records in an email

Requests for BACS statements

If you want to request BACS statements, you need to contact the LAA payment information team.


Forms to be completed by providers

You need to update LAA about certain information (outlined in the table below) using these forms:

Form title Use
AC1 New providers or existing providers opening a new office – will be advised via the LAA e-Tendering portal where to send completed AC1 and supporting documentation during the procurement process. Where there is a merger/demerger and your contract manager has asked you to complete the form (send the completed form to your contract manager).
AC1A (send to Provider Records) to apply for a solicitor advocate number
AC1B (send to Provider Records) to apply for a barrister account number
SRA1 (send to Provider Records) to notify the LAA of your roll number

Send all forms to Provider Records except for the AC1 which must be sent to your contract manager.





Published 1 June 2014
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