UK Customs office list (COL) codes for data element 5/12 of CDS

Use appendix 14 to find codes for data element 5/12 of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) when importing into the UK.

Codes for customs/supervising offices in other member states can be found in the EU Customs Office List.

Region City Usual name customs office list code
North   Central Community Transit Office
Fax: 00443000 588462
Central Birmingham Birmingham Airport GB000011
Northern Ireland   Belfast International Airport GB000014
South Bristol UKBF, Bristol International Airport GB000029
South Harwich Avonmouth 1 GB000033
South   Dover (OTS) Freight Clearance GB000040
South   Folkestone GB000041
South   Sheerness GB000045
South Ramsgate Ramsgate GB000047
Wales   Newport GB000049
Central Felixstowe Felixstowe GB000051
Central   Harwich GB000052
Central   Ipswich port GB000053
Central   Great Yarmouth GB000054
Central   King’s Lynn GB000055
Scotland   Rosyth GB000057
Central   Norwich airport GB000058
Scotland   Grangemouth GB000059
South Dover Dover/Folkestone Eurotunnel Freight GB000060
Scotland   Scrabster GB000062
Scotland Aberdeen Scotland Inland Auth. Cee/Cor GB000063
Scotland Paisley Scotland frontier GB000067
Scotland   Prestwick Airport GB000070
North Hull Hull GB000072
North   Grimsby  
North Immingham Immingham GB000074
North Liverpool Liverpool, Seaforth S2 berth GB000080
North Leeds UK North Auth Consignor/nees GB000081
London Hounslow London Heathrow cargo GB000084
London Gatwick Airport London Gatwick Airport cargo distribution GB000085
North Leeds Leeds Bradford Airport GB000087
Central   Southend Airport GB000091
Central Tilbury Tilbury GB000093
North   Newcastle Airport GB000098
South   Thames europort (DIFT) GB000099
London Luton Luton Airport FCT GB000102
South   Falmouth GB000108
London   Northolt Airport GB000119
London London Heathrow, Hounslow London Heathrow Airport (baggage) GB000120
London Stansted Stansted Airport FCT GB000121
Wales Barry, Near. Cardiff Cardiff International Airport GB000122
Wales   Swansea GB000123
Wales   Holyhead GB000124
Wales   Barry Dock GB000125
Wales   Pembroke Dock GB000126
Scotland   Edinburgh Airport GB000128
London London London City Airport GB000130
Northern Ireland   George Best (Belfast City) GB000140
Northern Ireland Belfast Belfast EPU GB000142
Central   Purfleet Thames terminal GB000149
South   Thamesport GB000150
South Reading Reading GB000155
Central Stanford-le-Hope, Essex London Gateway port GB000170
North Manchester Airport Manchester GB000191
North Newcastle Airport, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Newcastle-Upon-Tyne GB000218
North Middlesbrough Teesport GB000219
Central   Boston GB000244
Central Castle Donington, Derby UKBA East Midlands Airport GB000245
Central Leeds UK South Authorised Consignor/nees GB000246
South   Plymouth GB000250
South Southampton Southampton GB000290
South   Poole Ferry terminal GB000291
South Portsmouth Portsmouth GB000292
South   Exeter Airport GB000297
Wales Llanishen, Cardiff Cardiff GB000328
North   Salford National Clearance Hub GB000383
London London London South Bank GB000392
Scotland   Aberdeen Airport GB000411
Scotland   Peterhead GB000416
Scotland   Aberdeen GB000434
Isle of Man Douglas Isle of Man Customs and Excise GB000450
Channel Islands St Peter Port, Guernsey Guernsey Customs and Excise GB000461
Channel Islands Jersey Jersey Customs and Immigration GB000465
South   Chatham GB000480
Central Coventry Coventry International hub GB000500
London Slough HWDC Langley GB000501
Central   Fords Jetty GB000921
Scotland   Lerwick GB001016
North   Barrow in Furness GB003010
North   Berwick upon Tweed GB003020
North   Blackpool International Airport GB003030
Scotland   Glasgow Docks GB003040
South   Plymouth Docks GB003050
South   Bournemouth (Hurn) Airport GB003060
Central   Brize Norton GB003070
Central   Cambridge Airport GB003080
South   Southampton (Eastleigh) Airport GB003090
Scotland   Dundee (sea) GB003100
South   Farnborough Airport GB003110
Central   Gloucester (Staverton) Airport GB003120
North   Humberside International Airport GB003130
North   Hartlepool GB003140
Scotland   Inverness GB003150
South   Kemble Airport GB003160
Scotland   Kirkwall (Orkney Islands) GB003170
North   Durham Tees Valley (Teeside Airport) GB003180
North   Liverpool John Lennon Airport GB003190
London   London Ashford (Lydd) Airport GB003200
Northern Ireland   Londonderry GB003210
North   Manchester Docks GB003220
Central   Oxford (Kidlington) Airport GB003230
Scotland   Portree (Isle of Skye) GB003240
South   Newhaven GB003250
Scotland   Stornoway (Isle of Lewis) GB003260
Scotland   Stornoway Airport GB003270
North   Workington GB003280
London   Biggin Hill GB003290
Scotland Glasgow Glasgow GB004098
    Appledore, c/o National Simps Team GB005010
    Bridgwater, c/o National Simps Team GB005020
    Dagenham c/o National Simps Team GB005030
    Dartford, c/o National Simps Team GB005040
    Greenock, c/o Simps Team GB005050
    Langstone, c/o Simps Team GB005060
    London, c/o Simps Team GB005070
    Middlesbrough, c/o Simps Team GB005080
    Neath, c/o Simps Team GB005090
    Penrhyn, c/o Simps Team GB005100
    Ridham, c/o Simps Team GB005110
    Rochester, c/o Simps Team GB005120
    Shoreham, c/o Simps Team GB005130
    South Shields, c/o Simps Team GB005140
    Warrenpoint GB005160
    Killingholme GB005170
    Montrose GB005180
    Portbury GB005190
  Harwich Fishguard GB005200
  Harwich Heysham GB005210
  Cardiff EORI Team HMRC GBEORI01
Northern Ireland Belfast Dorchester House GBREX001
North Leeds Peter Bennett House GBREX002
Central Harwich Southend Direct Exports GBSOU001
Published 1 August 2018