The Patents Act 1977 (as amended)

The Patents Act 1977 arrangement of sections; part 2

Section headings 77 to 132 including schedules.



European patents and patent applications

  1. Effect of European patent (UK)
  2. Effect of filing an application for a European patent (UK)
  3. Operation of section 78 in relation to certain European patent applications
  4. Authentic text of European patents and patent applications
  5. Conversion of European patent applications
  6. Jurisdiction to determine questions as to right to a patent
  7. Effect of patent decisions of competent authorities of other states
  8. Patent agents and other representatives [repealed]
  9. European patent attorneys [repealed]

Community patents

  1. Implementation of Community Patent Convention [repealed]
  2. Decisions on Community Patent Convention [repealed]
  3. Jurisdiction in legal proceedings in connection with Community Patent Convention [repealed]

Unified Patent Court

88A. Implementation of Agreement on a Unified Patent Court 88B. Designation as international organisation of which UK is member

International applications for patents

  1. Effects of international application for patent 89A. International and national phases of application 89B. Adaptation of provisions in relation to international application

Convention countries

  1. Orders in Council as to convention countries


  1. Evidence of conventions and instruments under conventions
  2. Obtaining evidence for proceedings under the European Patent Convention
  3. Enforcement of orders for costs
  4. Communication of information to the European Patent Office, etc.
  5. Financial provisions


  1. The Patents Court [repealed]
  2. Appeals from the comptroller
  3. Proceedings in Scotland
  4. General powers of the court 99A. Power of Patents Court to order report 99B. Power of Court of Session to order report
  5. Burden of proof in certain cases
  6. Exercise of comptroller’s discretionary powers
  7. Right of audience, etc., in proceedings before the comptroller 102A. Right of audience, etc., in proceedings on appeal from the comptroller [repealed]
  8. Extension of privilege for communications with solicitors relating to patent proceedings
  9. Privilege for communication with patent agents relating to patent proceedings [repealed]
  10. Extension of privilege in Scotland for communications relating to patent proceedings
  11. Costs and expenses in proceedings before the Court
  12. Costs and expenses in proceedings before the comptroller
  13. Licences granted by order of comptroller


  1. Falsification of register etc.
  2. Unauthorised claim of patent rights
  3. Unauthorised claim that patent has been applied for
  4. Misuse of title “Patent Office”
  5. Offences by corporations

Patent agents

  1. Restrictions on practice as patent agent [repealed]
  2. Power of comptroller to refuse to deal with certain agents [repealed]

Immunity of department

  1. Immunity of department as regards official acts

Administrative provisions

  1. Correction of errors in patents and applications 117A. Effect of resuscitation of a withdrawn application under section 117 117B. Extension of time limits specified by comptroller
  2. Information about patent applications and patents, and inspection of documents 118A. Copyright in documents made available electronically for inspection under section 118(1) [repealed]
  3. Service by post
  4. Hours of business and excluded days
  5. Comptroller’s annual report


  1. Crown’s right to sell forfeited articles
  2. Rules
  3. Rules, regulations and orders; supplementary 124A. Use of electronic communications
  4. Extent of invention 125A. Disclosure of invention by specification: availability of samples of biological material
  5. Stamp duty [repealed]
  6. Existing patents and applications
  7. Priorities between patents and applications under the 1949 Act and this Act 128A. EU compulsory licences 128B. Supplementary protection certificates
  8. Application of Act to Crown
  9. Interpretation
  10. Northern Ireland 131A. Scotland
  11. Short title, extent, commencement, consequential amendments and repeals


Schedule 1 – Application of 1949 Act to existing patents and applications Schedule 2 – Application of this Act to existing patents and applications Schedule 3 – Repeals of provisions of 1949 Act

Schedule 4 – Transitional provisions

Schedule 4A – Supplementary protection certificates Schedule 5 – Consequential amendments

Schedule 6 – Enactments repealed

Schedule A1 – Derogation from patent protection in respect of biotechnological inventions Schedule A2 – Biotechnological inventions